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with helosthisshoe

[ooc: Continuation from this memebells thread. Possible triggers as the story continues (as with all Supernatural based stories).]

It was a few days later, and they had not really spoken on much besides trivial things since she returned and that weird mocking this ...thing... was doing to Sam.

She was getting really tired of it.

One morning, after showering and getting her things together (thankfully she didn't need to use his money to buy things since her accounts had just been frozen- simple enough to fix with a phone call), she sat on the edge of her motel room bed.

"Sam, we need to talk about what our next moves are gonna be," it was a start, and she was getting restless. To be honest, it was getting awkward for her.  She had never felt so left out before- sure, Sam and Dean seemed to have this secret language that no one but them seemed to get, but this time was different.  Jo knew nothing was the same, and Dean was gone, but she was here dammit, and she was alone, and as tough as she grew up to be as a hunter, she was still a girl who needed her friends. And she hated to see her friends like Sam was right now.  All she wanted was to hug him and tell him it was going to be okay, but she didn't believe it herself.  Who knew how long this thing brought her back for?  Or why it left them alone so far. And where the hell was Dean?

It was obvious thoughts were running through her head as she took a little too long tying up her boots, but her voice remained calm.

"We shouldn't stay in one place for too long. Either that thing hasn't found us yet, or he's playing with us.  We need to have a plan for both."

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