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She's just a small town girl

living in a lonely world

Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle
7 April 1985
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Jo Harvelle

Warning: spoilers in the links as well as my headcanon.



No seriously, there are spoilers here.

Name: Jo Harvelle
Fandom: Supernatural
Media: TV Show
Played by zomgvampires
Physical description: Petite yet athletic, blonde, pretty (not supermodel-type, but is pretty in her own right)
Personality: Jo can be stubborn to a fault, and doesn't like to be treated like a child (but sometimes needs it), she loves hard and fast, and will do anything for those she considers family (since it was only her and her mother until their deaths). She can be naive (again, to a fault in some cases), and as Ellen (her mother) put it, "[Jo] may be an idiot, but she's not stupid." In fact, she's amazing at research, and can put together a case/hunt with all the details easy.
Short biography:

Jo was born April 7th, 1985 to parents William (Bill) and Ellen Harvelle. Bill was a hunter, and was killed on his final hunt with John Winchester when Jo "was still in pigtails." Bill and Ellen owned a roadhouse called Harvelle's, and after his passing, it became a sort of hotspot for hunters to come, relax, and share stories- most of which Jo was more than happy to listen to, considering she was serving up the food and drinks with her mother, keeping the place going. They also had Ash, an MIT dropout, who was brilliant and crazy at the same time. Jo's opinion of him? One of her best friends, and just like a brother to her. She attempted to go to college, but was too different (a "freak with a knife collection") to feel accepted in the "normal" world. When Sam and Dean Winchester showed up at the Roadhouse, Jo saw this as her way to branch out into the hunting world- one of her first official hunts was with the boys, and even though there were a few snags in the plans, she felt they made a pretty good team. Only knowing her father died on a hunt, and never knowing how, Ellen came clean at this point about WHO exactly Bill was with (John- Sam and Dean's father). This upset her, and Jo subsequently ran away (as an adult, it's not really "running away," but for all intents and purposes, it was still running away from the only family she knew) from home to hunt on her own. During the time she was gone, the Roadhouse was burned down by demons, killing Ash (and anyone else in there at the time), while Ellen was out on a quick store run.

A couple of years pass, she reunites with her mother, and the two of them are hunting together when they run into the Winchester boys again. This time, they stay in contact- easier to try and stop the apocalypse when you have people you trust by your side- and Jo ends up seeing the boys and Bobby Singer (a sort of father figure for Sam and Dean, and subsequently Jo) as family. She would hate to admit it, but Jo had always had a "thing" for Dean, but on the day before the plan to kill the devil was carried out, he attempted to "pick her up." She declined with a smile and "and a little thing called 'self-respect.'" She liked to do things on her terms anyway.

Unfortunately, while in Carthage, MO- where Lucifer was supposed to be, the demon Meg sent hellhounds after the group (Sam, Dean, Ellen, and Jo). The hound knocked Dean over, and in a bold move to save him (which she would do for any one of them with her), she shot at the invisible creatures, successfully getting them off of the older Winchester brother, but not realizing until too late that another was coming right for her. It ripped into her side, leaving her with massive blood loss. As she grew pale, and her breathing began slowing, she knew she was done for. Even still, it was her plan to bomb the hardware store that gave the Winchesters (and her mother) a chance to get out of there. Her mother stayed, holding her as she took her last breath, and pressed the trigger on the bomb, killing herself along with her daughter.

Jo returned as a ghost for a very brief time a couple of years later, telling Dean that he needed to let go of his guilt...she never blamed him, and she never would. It was the life of a hunter, and she died as one.

Physical Abilities: Jo is amazing with her rifle and shotgun, can shoot pretty much anything, and has a mean punch. She's fairly strong, but only in normal human terms- she works out, carries heavy items, and is constantly on the move.
Superhuman Abilities: None.
Unusual or Magical Possessions:Wears an anti-possession charm, knows enough Latin to exorcise a demon, carries Holy Water, salt, chalk, a can of spray paint, and other hunting accessories (guns, knives, etc.)
In-game canon: NO IDEA! Depends on the game.

Side note:

Also, I can ship her with everyone (both het and slash), but I prefer het. IC-wise, she loves Dean. I can't help it, it's canon.

That doesn't mean I'm gonna have her jump into shippy stuff ASAP. That's kind of annoying. Unless it's a meme. 'Cause then, you know, it's a meme. I want her to build up to it. I love CR, what can I say?

Headcanon: (I still need to work out the kinks, but I think this generally describes what my headcanon for Jo is.)

An unknown force- an angel, a demon?- raised her. Since then, all she has been doing is hunting and interrogating, trying to find who or what did it and why.

She remembers being dead. She remembers dying. She remembers being brought back by Osiris and being forced to kill Dean, and the relief she felt when she was released.

She has a giant scar where the hellhounds attacked. When she was raised, her clothes still had fresh blood, but all scars were healed. Because of this, she has recurring nightmares- reliving her last moments before she died.

Jo spent the better half of a year searching for her mother- if she herself had returned, then maybe Ellen had come back too? After a fruitless search, she finally hired a psychic- who was afraid of her...she wasn't supposed to have an Earthly form. The psychic relayed the message from her mother that she was still in Heaven, and recommended to "stop pussyfooting' around it, and find the boys."

She swallowed her pride, and began the search for Sam and Dean Winchester.


This Jo is a little more tough, a little more experienced, a little more broken...

...and out to kill the unknown son of a bitch that brought her back- even if it means dying all over again.

Note: I have two general ideas on how/why she was brought back. The first is that it is a soul-eater working with a renegade angel who is raising those with strong souls so the eater can hunt them. The second idea? It's Crowley. He has plans for the Winchesters, and he's a giant bag of dicks. :|

Disclaimer: this journal is for rp purposes only. I don't own Supernatural or Jo, or Alona Tal for that matter. They all belong to their respective sources.

**Mun and Muse are 21+**